Welcome to the Lazy Explorer Store

We take photos of birds and put them on mugs and tumblers that we fill with sustainable, bird-friendly, shade grown coffee. It’s the only coffee we drink.

We promised to give $1 from every order made through The Lazy X Store starting January 1 until October 31, 2019 to a bird-friendly org. Unfortunately we only made 12 orders through the store. We did sell cups directly through third party vendors but sales weren’t epic. So instead of $1 per store order, we’ve decided to give the greater amount of 10% of all profits. Our profit for the year is $1077.23. So we’re writing a check for $107.73 to Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary located in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley, 700 acres of field and forest between Easthampton and Northampton, Massachusetts. Thanks to all of you who purchased our mugs.